Job at Rwanda Military Hospital : Laboratory Scientist (3) (Deadline: 07 April 2017)

Job at Rwanda Military Hospital : Laboratory Scientist  (3)   (Deadline: 07 April 2017)

Job at Rwanda Military Hospital : Laboratory Scientist  (3)   (Deadline: 07 April 2017)

Laboratory Scientist


  • At least 3 years of experience with a degree in laboratory Science.
  • The candidate must demonstrate knowledge in laboratory Science, improved patient’s outcomes, decreased patients’ complaints, improved image of the department
  • Harmonious work Environment, Improved Laboratory results, improved stock management of laboratory reagents Frequency and quality of written reports, and assurance that results reflect realistic status of the patient and improved work in Laboratory department that meet required standards.
  • The candidate should be free of any employment in Rwandan territory and should be ready to sign a contract of at least two years with RMH before further studies.


Key technical skills and knowledge:

The important technical and professional skills and knowledge required to do the job well.
– Interpersonal skill
– Good IT skills
– Organizational skills
– Customer care skills

Key success factors:

Behaviors’ and abilities required to achieving the position’s mission and goals.
– Respect of patients’ right and integrity
-Teamwork spirit
-Respect of instructions given
-Adaption to new laboratory technology

Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage.

Job description

1. Use machines and equipment available to examine and analyze body fluids and cells;

2. Verify if Laboratory samples are received in good condition and meet requirements

3. Prepare specimens for testing.

4. Verify if reagents to be used are appropriate to particular tests

5. Carry out automated and manual tests

6. Analyze the results of laboratory tests and relaying them to physicians

7. Supervise laboratory technicians

8. Participate in training and research activities in the department

9. Participate in different Quality Assurance Programs

10. Be responsible to data entry and analysis,maintain inter and infra departmental work flow by fostering a spirit of cooperation

12. Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

13. Prepare reports regularly and upon request by his superior.


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