Job at Skol Brewery Ltd: Security Officers (Deadline: 12 January 2018)

Job at Skol Brewery Ltd:  Security Officers (Deadline: 12 January 2018)

Job at Skol Brewery Ltd: Security Officers (Deadline: 12 January 2018)


SKOL BREWERY LTD (SBL) is looking for qualified and committed individual to join its team in the following positions:

Security Officers


The Job holder ensures the protection of SBL property, assets, and people. As such , he/she is responsible for a team of outsourced security personnel that patrols factory building perimeter, sets up , secure point of entry, and investigates suspicious activities on the factory site and other assets of the company, expatriate houses and families, warehouses and all SBL personnel.


  • Perform services to assure the safety and protection of SBL property and personnel against injury or death, molestation, harassment or intimidation and loss or damage from any preventable cause including fire, theft, embezzlement, damage or destruction, trespass, espionage, or sabotage….
  • Ensure the security company patrols SBL buildings and houses and wards off intruders.
  • Discover source of security breach, evaluate incidents and determine course of action and report and track all incidents.
  • Establish and install key controls on property access and monitor and support security-related processing for cleared staff, visitors, sub-contractors.
  • Supervise parking procedures.
  • Maintain and update a property loss and prevention program.
  • Monitor use, safe driving, offensive driving, consumption and maintenance of all SBL vehicles.
  • Report to line management on the drivers’ behavior.
  • Manage processes for protecting classified, proprietary, and sensitive information.
  • Ensure expatriate family and foreign SBL visitors are secure at any time and know how and who to contact in case of accidents and incidents
  • Take the necessary actions for an optimal implementation of firefighting procedure


  • Conversant with relevant areas of the criminal law such as theft, criminal damage, threats and intimidation, possession of illegal substances, …
  • proficient in basic security knowledge: access control management for personnel, material & vehicles, visitor processing, patrolling, legal authority and limitations, observation and incident reporting, vehicle security, CCTV etc.
  • Fire prevention and detection.
  • Emergency response: use of fire-fighting equipment, administration of first aid, ….
  • Ability to write short reports
  • Conflict management and resolution ability.
  • Use of security equipment (portable communications equipment, car, ….)
  • Hold a Driving license.
  • Appropriate physical capacity
  • At least A1 University level (diploma).
  • At least 5 years of experience in the Army, police or private security company at a managerial level.

To apply send the following documents at SBL HQ located NZOVE / NYARUGENGE District:

  • Application letter
  • CV
  • Copies of relevant degrees / diploma & driving license for drivers
  • Copy of ID

The closing date is 12th January 2018


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