Job at Transparency International Rwanda (TI-Rwanda) : Policy and Legal Coordinator (Deadline: 30 September 2018 )

Job at Transparency International Rwanda (TI-Rwanda) : Policy and Legal Coordinator  (Deadline: 30 September 2018 )

Job at Transparency International Rwanda (TI-Rwanda) : Policy and Legal Coordinator (Deadline: 30 September 2018 )

P.O. Box. 6252 Kigali, Rwanda  Tel: +250 (0)788309583

Toll free: 2641 (to report cases of corruption), E-mail: [email protected]


Call for Application at TI-RW on the Position of Policy and Legal Coordinator


Transparency International Rwanda (TI-RW) is a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO), registered in Rwanda as a non- profit organization according to the Rwandan law. It was created in 2004, with the mission “To contribute in the fight against corruption and promoting good governance through enhancing integrity in the Rwandan society”. TI-Rw is a leading CSO anticorruption actor in Rwanda; it is increasingly being seen as a reliable partner by the Government of Rwanda, the private sector, development partners and other fellow CSOs. Furthermore, since 2011, TI-RW became a national chapter of Transparency International, the global movement fighting corruption with over a hundred national chapters worldwide and coordinating secretariat located in Berlin, Germany.

In its endeavor to fight against corruption, TI-RW’s areas of intervention ranges from education, Advocacy and legal advices to victims or witnesses of corruption, media engagement, promotion of transparency and accountability in public financial management using different social accountability tools including integrity pact, citizens report card and public expenditure tracking survey, just to name the few.

TI-Rw organizational structure include, among others, “Policy and Legal depertmant”, under overall coordication of the “Policy and Legal Coordinator”, who is part of TI-RW core staff. In a bid to fill this position which is vacant, TI-RW is looking for a highly qualified and experienced candidate in legal maters to fullfill the following tasks:

Tasks and responsibilities

Under the supervision of Executive Director, the Policy and Legal Coordinator has the following tasks:

    • Analyze and provide advices on current administrative documents (statutes, Internal Rules, Procedure Manual) to Executive Director for recommendation to the Board of Directors;
    • Provide legal advice to the Executive Director on administrative records in order to be in line with good administrative practices both internally and externally;
    • Coordinate and monitor all activities of the ALAC Regional Coordinators in relation to legal advice given in the centers and the Executive Secretariat in relation to the ALAC project and ensure that legal advice is to be high quality and professionally in the standards required by Transparency International;
    • Analyze and provide legal advice on issues relating to the ALAC projects for appropriate action and advocacy;
    • Ensure that files prepared for public institutions by Transparency International Rwanda partners to continue / investigation / under the ALAC project meet all the technical and legal rules required in this area in order to maintain the desired level of technical quality by TI RW;
    • On the basis of cases received in the ALAC project and the results of action taken by Transparency International Rwanda, make proposals to the  Executive Director for necessary legal amendments to ensure that TI-Rw initiates actions for Advocacy with policy makers for the adoption of the Acts constituting barriers in the fight against corruption;

  • Conduct research projects related to legal issues and contributing to the advocacy of implementation of recommendations from this research;
  • With the Executive Director, Board members or other senior officials of the Executive Secretariat mandated by Executive Director, participate in public debates on radio or television on topics related to the fight against corruption policy;
  • Assist and enhance the legal capacity of Regional Coordinators, District Coordinators and Legal Assistants in their duties under the ALAC project;
  • Monitoring and quality assessment of legal advice given by the District Coordinators and Legal Advice to clients;
  • Coordinate and Monitor all activities of the Integrity Pact which are in relation with TI-RW work in public procurement
  • Conduct advocacy with partner institutions for customers victims of corruption or any related offense;
  • Partcipate in the Insitutional Development Task Team especially in regards to the
  • Under the mandate of Executive Director, participate in national or international meetings in which TI-Rw is invited to be represented, make a written report of the results of this mission;
  • Perform any other duties assigned by his superiors which can contribute to achieve the targets of TI-Rw.

Competences and Qualifications

TI-RW would like to recruite a Senior high experienced and motivated person, for an annual contract, renewable yearly subject to a successful assessment and availabilty of funds. The required competences and qualifications are as follow:

  • Be a Rwandan citizen;
  • Hold at least a Masters degree in Law, with specialization in criminal law, administrative law, Human Rights law, commercial law,  or other related field
  • Have practically a proven working experience of at least 5 years in leadership position in public, private or CSOs institutions
  • Have a proven experience in legal aid and legal advices, policy analysis and policy makers engagement
  • Proven experience working in a team and working with partners in the implementation of a project;
  • Excellent analytical, interpersonal, communication and reporting skills;
  • Has the capacity to manage his work independently;
  • Excellent command of English and Kinyarwanda and outstanding written in the two languages. The knowledge of french will be an advantage;
  • Possess project management skills in planning, implementing and evaluation
  • Possess experience and skills in public procurement will be an adavantage –            Possess skills and knowledge on research will be an advantage.
  • Be available to start immediately

Required documents and mode of application

Interested candidates are required to submit their application documents comprising the following documents:

  • An application letter addressed to the Executive Director of TI-RW;
  • A copy of their degree and training certicifates if any;
  • A detailed CV;
  • A list of at least three references.

The dossiers are to be submitted physically not later than 30th September 2018 at

Transparency International Rwanda’s main office located at the following address:

Gisiment village; Plot nr120; Cell of Rukiri I; Remera Sector; Gasabo District; Kigali city.

Should you need information, call on 0788309563 or send an email for information at [email protected]

Done at Kigali, on the 12th September 2018

Apollinaire Mupiganyi

Executive Director


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