Jobs at RWANDA FORENSIC LABORATORY :Director of forensic ballistic and tool mark unit ( Deadline: 01 Jun 2018 )

Jobs at RWANDA FORENSIC LABORATORY :Director of forensic ballistic and tool mark unit ( Deadline: 01 Jun 2018 )

Jobs at RWANDA FORENSIC LABORATORY :Director of forensic ballistic and tool mark unit ( Deadline: 01 Jun 2018 )


Job Description


Duties & Responsibilities

• Directs all operations of Forensic Ballistics and tool marks unit,
• Organize, plan and supervise all lab activities and personnel;
• Evaluates and regularly monitors/ documents the competency and performance of all personnel;
• Ensures laboratory staff is appropriately trained, evaluating and documenting the competency and performance of employees initially, at three months, and annually, as applicable;
• Work together with the division manager to establish and define long
– term goals, objectives and operational plan, supporting RFL mission and directives;
• Develops/maintains staff schedules to ensure sufficient coverage;
• Assesses personnel resources to determine if/when additional staff/positions are needed to meet the needs of RFL clients and divisional operations,
• Performs duties of the analysts as required;
• Accurately performs all pre
– analytic, analytic and post
– analytic activities defined by laboratory procedure for which the associate has successfully completed training and for which competency assessment is current;
• Is responsible for review of all quality control and assures proper use of lab equipment and reagents as specified in SOPs and as required by governmental and accreditation standards;
• Maintains an adequate and robust quality assurance program for the laboratory and develops ongoing mechanisms to analyze quality indicators;
• Reviews case worksheets, printouts, controls, reagent log, prepares reports on completed cases, and follows up on consultation with discrepancies or problems;
• Determines client service priorities and ensures laboratory staff is providing timely excellent service;
• Creates, maintains, and reviews standard operating procedures (SOPs), designing appropriate validation studies as needed;
• Recommends and implements procedures and protocol changes in consultation with the division manager;
• Interpret, implement and monitor compliance to all accrediting and regulatory agencies;
• Maintains communication with professional accreditation and regulatory agencies;
• Perform routine maintenance and quality control checks of lab equipments;
• Conduct peer reviews on each other’s findings this can include retesting samples and double
– checking the findings reports of other analysts;
• Undertaking other duties as assigned by his/her superior.

Job Profile

Master’s degree in Forensic science with specialization in ballistics and 3 years of experience.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Ability to direct and coordinate staff within ballistic and tool mark unit;

– Able to examine evidence related to ballistic and tool mark analysis;

– Capable to perform technical and administrative reviews of other specialists’ casework and produce reports;

– Able to interact and collaborate with other group/team members and other forensic staff to ensure a high quality and accurate product;

– Able to assist in the evaluation of new procedures and techniques for possible laboratory implementation;

– Capable to testify in court of law as expert witness.






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