Antenatal Care Research Officer at World Health Organization: (Deadline 26 October 2020)

Antenatal Care Research Officer at World Health Organization: (Deadline 26 October 2020)
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World Health Organization

World Health Organization

Antenatal Care Research Officer at World Health Organization: (Deadline 26 October 2020)


As part of the continuum of care, antenatal care (ANC) is a critical time for women, babies,families and communities. However, as a platform to provide integrated and quality services for women, it has not been utilized efficiently and effectively. Thus, in November 2016 the World Health Organization (WHO) released its comprehensive recommendations on routine ANC for pregnant women and adolescent girls. Using an integrated service delivery approach, the guideline aims to create a momentum for countries to re-design or re-align their health systems ‘to provide pregnant women with respectful, individualized, person-centred care at every contact, with implementation of effective clinical practices (interventions and tests), and provision of relevant and timely information, and psychosocial and emotional support, by health providers with good clinical and interpersonal skills within a well-functioning health system.
Therefore, this new guideline provides a great learning and implementation opportunity to better design and provide ANC services in countries and utilize it to strengthen health systems and improve quality of care, thereby improving outcomes for mothers and newborns.

Over the past two years, WHO / Country Office, supported by the Regional and Headquarters Offices worked with the MoH and relevant stakeholder to:
– support the adaptation of the new guidance based on needs; and
– validate the national ANC Guideline to improve the quality of ANC as an integrated service delivery point (including malaria, HIV, TB).

As part of the next phase, WHO will support the implementation of ANC research in Nyanza and Nyagatare districts. The new evidence-based model, outlined in the 2016 WHO recommendations on antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience, which was adapted to the country context, will be tested, through an implementation research study.

To this end WHO Rwanda is required to recruit an experienced medical doctor with public health specialist or related sciences and with research experience to work as a staff on Special Services Agreement (SSA) for a two-year period with a contract of one (1) year renewable.

Purpose of the Position

The main objective of the position is to support the Ministry of Health/Rwanda Biomedical Center through Maternal, Child and Community Health Division on the implementation and coordination of a four-year implementation research study of the new antenatal care (ANC) guideline model in Rwanda including digitalization.
In this regard, WHO/Rwanda seeks an experienced medical doctor with public health specialist/or related sciences and experience in research to work as a national officer  for a two-year period with a contract of one year renewable.  The position requires interpersonal, leadership, and communications skills, as well as the ability to monitor and supervise service providers to ensure high-quality research.


 Summary of Assigned Duties:

Under the overall guidance of WHO Representative Rwanda, and the direct supervision of the WHO FRH Team Lead and technical coordination of FHP Program Officer in WHO Country Office and in collaboration with Maternal Child and Community Health/Rwanda Biomedical Centre (MCCH/RBC), the ANC Officer will support the ANC research study’s implementation and coordination in two districts Nyanza and Nyagatare.
The incumbent will be hierarchically and functionally accountable to WHO but work closely with the RBC/MCCH and other partners involved in ANC. The day-to-day supervision of the incumbent will be done by the NPO/FHP in collaboration with the MCCH Division Manager. Additional technical guidance to the incumbent will be provided by relevant WHO Country Office Focal Points responsible for nutrition, immunization and health systems. The Officer is also expected to provide technical support to RBC/MCCH to implement ANC research project in the two selected districts.
He/she will be based in Rwanda Biomedical Center/ Maternal, Child and Community Health Division (MCCH) and will also liaise  with the WHO Country Office  Focal Point for ANC as well as the implementation research partner/Institution (University of Rwanda – School of Public Health) among other stakeholders.
Depending on the phase of the implementation research study, the Officer will be required to travel to the research sites while the remaining time will be expected to work at central level/MCCH.

In collaboration with RBC/MCCH the SSA/ANC Officer will undertake the following tasks:
Year 1: In the context of preparing for the implementation research, the Officer will be responsible for supporting the following activities, in coordination with WHO country office & implementation research partner:
1. Participate in the development of monitoring and evaluation tools which will be used for research purpose
2. Support the organization of health care providers training in all research sites
3. Ensure the availability of equipment such as Ultrasonography (USG) and supplies, including screening and diagnostic tests needed for better implementation of the research
4. Support efforts to cost all activities related to the implementation research study and the country-specific ANC package of interventions
5. Support the review health information system needs including related to digital health and ANC monitoring framework
6. Review regularly the data from HMIS related to ANC in Nyagatare and Nyanza districts
7. Facilitate regularly communication between research sites and MCCH
8. Report regularly on the research progress to MCCH
9. Support communication between MoH/MCCH/RBC and local technology partners
10.  Any other activities as required by MCCH or WCO

Year 2: Once research has begun the Officer will be responsible for supporting the following activities, in coordination with WHO country office & implementation research partner:

1. The individual will work as a part of a team of staff and S/He dedicated to the improvement of global sexual and reproductive health and improving quality of antenatal care. Conduct joint supervision and monitoring activities, including facilitating the trainings of health workers at research sites, as necessary
2. Ensure supplies and equipment at sites are available and functional and support the coordination of stocks, repair or replacement of equipment with Implementation Research (IR) partner and WHO /County Office
3. Liaise between RBC/MCCH, WHO Country Office and implementation research partner (University of Rwanda – School of Public Health) to ensure successful completion of research study and project deliverables
4. Support RBC/MOH and WHO /Country Office in preparing plans for scale up ANC
5. Any other activities deemed necessary by WHO/Country Office


Competencies: Generic
1. Teamwork
2. Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences
3. Communication
4. Producing results
5. Ensuring the effective use of resources

Competencies: Management
• Moving forward in a changing environment
• Creating an empowering and motivating environment

Functional Knowledge and Skills

Describe the essential knowledge and the skills specific to the position
The person must have medical background and a master’s degree in public health, epidemiology, or other related field, and with at least five years of experience in health research and implementation of health programmes at national level, with experience in supervising health workers, and excellent communication and writing skills.  He/she must also be familiar with MoH procedures especially with regards to research, and related requirements (i.e. ethical approval systems, procurement procedures) and should have done at least two research in Rwanda. The work also requires an individual with the capacity to efficiently meet deadlines and produce results.

Education Qualifications
* Essential

This requires an experienced medical doctor with public health specialist and clinical experience in maternal health and research or Obstetrics/Gynecology with research experience

Post graduate qualification in public health or equivalent degree

* Essential

At least five years of experience in programme implementation, research and research management, and have completed at least two health research studies in Rwanda.

Experience with digital health/innovations, either research or implementation in the country.


Essential: Expert knowledge of English
Desirable: Knowledge of French and Kinyarwanda is an added value.




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