Manager at SACCO Dufitumurava (SACCODUMU): (Deadline 10 March 2021)

Manager at SACCO Dufitumurava (SACCODUMU): (Deadline 10 March 2021)

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Manager at SACCO Dufitumurava (SACCODUMU): (Deadline 10 March 2021)

SACCO DUFITUMURAVA MUSHUBATI is a cooperative which generates the saving and credit services.

 Its mission: ’Reduce poverty in Mushubati Sector through financial services delivery and income generating activities toward socio-economic prosperity’’.

B. We are seeking to recruit the personnel at the post of Manager.

The Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The Manager is the chief technician of the SACCO. He has to oversee all operations of the SACCO and advise elected organs on what should be done to ensure smooth operations of the SACCO;
  2. To lead and oversee the implementation of all the SACCO’s long term and short terms plans in accordance with its strategy;
  3. To grow the SACCO business in terms of products, loan portfolio, revenues, and assets in line with the SACCO’s strategy;
  4. Ensuring timely presentation of financial, management, and regulatory reports to the board, the members, and authorized third parties including Auditors, Inspectors, regulatory authorities and the Ministry;
  5. To assess, monitor, and manage the principal risks of the SACCO;
  6. To ensure effective internal controls and management information systems are in place;
  7. To ensure that the Directors are properly informed and sufficient information provided to enable the board make informed decisions.
  8. To ensure compliance with the SACCO’S policies, procedures, and standards.
  9. To ensure compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements
  10. To ensure timely implementation of the Board recommendations
  11. To implement recommendations of the Audit reports and Supervisory committee reports.
  12. To monitor and ensure expenditures of the SACCO are within the authorized annual budgetary allocations.
  13. To ensure the SACCO is appropriately organized and staffed to enable it achieve the approved strategy.
  14. To ensure staff performance management through the implementation of the staff targets and performance appraisals.
  15. To ensure effective communication with members, employees, Government authorities and other stakeholders.
  16. The Manager participates in daily cash controls and investigating the cases of cash deficit or surplus;
  17. Participates in surprise cash controls both at the main office and the counters;
  18. Ensures that all accounting books are regularly and correctly filled;
  19. Ensures that all balance checks done by the accountant and cashiers are accurate;
  20. Ensures that all new opened accounts are recorded on the list of members’ accounts;
  21. Makes sure that the accounts numbering is adequate and accounts register is regularly filled and up to date;
  22. Checks whether the number of deposit cards used are on the established list with their respective folios;
  23. Supervises and checks monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements prepared by the accountant;
  24. Oversees the transport of money to and from banks and or counters;
  25. Supervises at least quarterly inventories of the SACCO’s balance sheet and income statement items (deposits, loans, fixed assets, receivables and payables, capital, incomes and expenses, stock etc.);
  26. Prepare, monitor and implement action plans and budget of SACCO;
  27. Submits the monthly report on the performance of the SACCO and performance of internal controls on monthly basis to the BoD;
  28. Submits on time the monthly, quarterly, and annual financial returns of the SACCO to the BNR;
  29. Submits the monthly financial and membership statistical data showing the evolution of SACCO on the time to RCA;
  30. The Manager is responsible and liable of all internal control weaknesses of the SACCO including non-adherence to these internal control guidelines, fraud and embezzlement that may occur in the SACCO, non-compliance with laws and regulations, misleading information in the financial reports, all malpractices done by staff under his/her control caused by his/her carelessness etc.


  1. Be a Rwandan citizen free of all kinds of discrimination and Genocide ideology
  2. Having Experience of at least 5 five years in Management, witnessed by his/her employer
  3. A Bachelor’s degree in Economic sciences and Management other related field and having A2 in Accounting is compulsory.
  4. Be a 30-45 years old person and having a Criminal Record
  5. A letter addressed to the president of SACCO DUFITUMURAVA/MUSHUBATI
  6. Must have a computer literacy; especially in MS Word, Excel, MS Power Point and Internet.
  7. A detailed Curriculum Vitae, having a witness of three persons with their phone numbers and ID
  8. Demonstrate the ability to work successfully in team
  9. Fluent in spoken and written Kinyarwanda, English, and French; knowledge of both languages is an added advantage
  10. Accepting to live and to work in rural area


Submit your application letter Addressed to President of SACCO DUFITUMURAVA MUSHUBATI , Secondary Certificate in Accounting is compulsory , Degree, CV with three referees, Criminal Record, copy of ID, on the following Email address: [email protected] not later than.

March 10th, 2021 at 5:00 PM.

Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted for the Test and Interview. All application Letters are addressed to the President of SACCO DUFITUMURAVA/MUSHUBATI.

Done at Mushubati on February 23, 2021




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