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Quality Assurance (QA) Manager at Zamura Feeds Ltd: (Deadline 18 September 2020)

Quality Assurance (QA) Manager at Zamura Feeds Ltd: (Deadline 18 September 2020)
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Zamura Feeds Ltd

Zamura Feeds Ltd

Quality Assurance (QA) Manager at Zamura Feeds Ltd: (Deadline 18 September 2020)

Job Description:  The QA Manager leads the QA TEAM and works with the production TEAMs to establish and achieve quality standards for all Zamura products. The QA Manager and TEAM will monitor product attributes to assure product quality is at specified targeted levels and complies with regulatory and company food safety policies.

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Supervises: QA Technician(s)

Works with-Internal: Live Production, Feedmill, Processing, Sales and Accounting TEAMS

Relates with-External: Suppliers, Vendors, Government and community leaders, customers

Summary of Key Job Tasks & Responsibilities:

1. Develop, implement, and improve product quality standard operating procedures (SOPs) and good management practices (GMPs) for Zamura Feedmill, egg farm, broiler live production, processing, and cold chain.

2. Liase with live production, sales, and regulatory agencies to develop new products and understand necessary product standards. Understand market demands and trends as well as current and upcoming governmental regulations.

3. Formulate feeds for all required products and assist feedmill management to implement and maintain formulations as required.

3. Manage ingredient and product sampling, perform quality measurements, and prepare analysis for products to ensure compliance with all quality criteria.

4. Conduct routine on-site internal audits of the Feed Mill, Zamura Farms, and Processing Plant to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, and company prescribed standards.

5. Manage all Laboratory customers, liaise with Accounting to provide all required invoices, statements, and Analysis results

6. Create reports.

7. Create/maintain and manage all necessary documentation to comply with SOPs, GMPs, government regulations, product traceability, and customer specifications.

8. Adjust formulations as needed for market seasonality, ingredient quality, and customer specification.

9. Communicate and validate quality specifications with purchasing department and vendors for all lab, product, and employee ppe inputs.

10. Assist with general problem solutions regarding Mill, live production, processing, inventories, new systems, etc.

11. All other duties assigned.

Quality Assurance Manager Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree with lab experience

2. This person must have the ability to write reports and procedure manuals.

3. Technical proficiency to learn and create lab procedures.

4. Awareness of sampling procedures

5. Ability to analyze data and create and review processes.

6. Excellent communication skills. They must have the ability to effectively present information

7. A desire to help others achieve their best.

8. Willingness to assist other departments to develop solutions and metrics.

9. Eye for detail


Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, and CV including names of at least 4 position-relevant referees to Zamura email address: [email protected] on or before the closing date of September 18, 2020.

Please place “Quality Assurance Manager Position” in the subject line of the email when applying.

*Not heeding to this instruction will lead to disqualification.

 Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.



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