Call for applications from young scientific talents from Rwanda: (Deadline 25 October 2020)

Call for applications from young scientific talents from Rwanda: (Deadline 25 October 2020)

Call for applications from young scientific talents from Rwanda: (Deadline 25 October 2020)

Each year, young scientific talents from the African continent are welcomed within Universcience, in France, for a week of exchanges and transmission of knowledge. Young talented scientists from Rwanda, English and French, are invited to apply before October 25, 2020.

Residence “Young African scientific talents 2021”

The “young African scientific talents” residency project follows on from the success of two previous editions (international in 2017 and French-speaking in 2018) of residencies for young scientists at the Palais de la Découverte and at the Cité des sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris .

This event aims to better disseminate scientific, technical and industrial culture at the international level and to encourage initiatives aimed at promoting innovation and research. By targeting the younger generations in particular, it will make it possible to share good practices for instilling a taste for science and promoting the role of mediation and informal education. Particular attention will be paid to the engagement of women in scientific careers. This residency week will also highlight Universcience’s know-how and develop lasting links and partnerships with participating countries.

Course of the event

A first online preparation phase will take place on December 8, 2020 and will be reserved for 45 pre-selected young talents. This first phase will allow in particular (i) to make a preliminary contact with the group and the networking, (ii) to share a general reflection on scientific mediation in France and in Africa, (iii) to present the platform -Universcience online scientific news form, and finally (iv) to offer a training module in scientific mediation delivered by the Universcience School of Mediation.

The City of Science and Industry will then welcome on site for a week, from Sunday 7 to Friday 12 February 2021, the group of 45 selected young talents. This promotion will participate in practical simulation workshops which will be led by Universcience professionals (how to create an exhibition, develop a mediation, write an article or make a journalism video, etc.). The workshops will bring them to meet professionals in education, innovation and mediation to discuss the transmission of scientific culture as well as the projects that drive them in their country. They will also allow to discuss the different methods of popularization of science and to share the practices at work in Africa.

The young talents will present to Universcience professionals and institutional partners their work or research subjects in the format “My thesis in 180 seconds” during a strong moment in a space of the City of Science and Industry or the one of its partners.  This event will be filmed and will be the subject of a video which will be broadcast online and made available for promotion by the posts.

Finally, a program of visits to cultural and scientific places in Paris as well as a networking evening will complete the week.

How to apply

  • You  speak French or English  ;
  • You are between  18 and 35 years old  ;
  • You have  recognized experience in a scientific field  – basic sciences as well as social sciences (researcher, academic or teacher, blogger, scientific journalist, engineer, digital professional or museologist). Beyond the academic qualities, you have an ability to communicate and popularize complex subjects.

Complete the application form below, in French or in English, and send it before October 25, 2020 to the following email address: [email protected] .

Application file (Word – 514.1 kb)


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