Call for Candidates to the RBA Board of directors: (Deadline 5 March 2021)

Call for Candidates to the RBA Board of directors: (Deadline 5 March 2021)

Call for Candidates to the RBA Board of directors: (Deadline 5 March 2021)


Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) is the independent public broadcaster established under law No. 42/2013 of 16/06/2013 and operating 8 Radio Stations and 2 TV channels, (Rwanda Television and KC2).

RBA is a fast-evolving public broadcaster and seeks to continuously be Rwanda’s leading source of news and information by providing high quality programming that entertains educates and informs our increasingly diverse audiences.

To achieve this strategic vision and as specified under article 8 of the RBA law, the Public Broadcaster is governed by team of Board of Directors selected through an open and transparent manner.  The law states, that the Board of Directors shall be the supreme governing organ of RBA selected from the Civil Society and Private Sector only. They shall demonstrate independence and shall neither seek nor accept instructions from any authority unless otherwise provided by law.

In summary, the board members oversee the implementation of RBA’s Strategic Plan by carrying out the following responsibilities;

  1. To uphold the independence of RBA
  2. To establish the strategic vision and action of RBA
  3. To ensure that RBA works in general interest of the public
  4. To promote the editorial line of RBA, the code of professional ethics and press law
  5. To approve RBA activity plan and annual budget
  6. To approve internal rules and regulations of RBA
  7. To monitor the management of RBA property
  8. To approve the statutes governing RBA staff, their salaries and the organization and functioning of RBA departments
  9. To review the performance of RBA and ensure conformity with the action plan and the budget
  10. To monitor the performance of the Directorate of RBA

Therefore, in light of the above and mindful of article 8 paragraph II of the RBA law on the selection process of a new Board of Directors and considering Ministerial Order that emphasizes the need for this process to be conducted “after a transparent and public selection process”, RBA hereby calls on competent candidates to apply to serve on its Board.


a) To be a Rwandan or foreign national residing both in Rwanda or out.

b) To be an individual of high integrity and commanding respect in society

c) To be either from Civil Society or Private Sector and NOT a civil a servant

d) To demonstrate significant work experience in areas of media, electronics and telecommunications, finance/accounting, marketing and law with preference of having served at senior managerial levels.

e) To have the necessary skills and ability of helping RBA attain its vision in the areas of proper financial management, human resource management, increased Sales, adoption of new innovations through ICTs and enhance its visibility with the audience it serves.

f) To have a clear grasp of RBA’s mandate and its vision and demonstrate the will to drive forward its future aspirations.

g) To be a team player and specifically demonstrate a clear understanding of the mandate of RBA as public service broadcaster, the law and statutes governing RBA and how they will be upheld.

h) To possess at least a minimum university degree in any field with 5 years’ work experience

III. How to apply:

Applications must be addressed to the Chairperson of the Pre-Selection Committee, through our career page:, or [email protected] with;

  1. Copies of Academic testimonials
  2. A copy of National ID
  3. Latest CV

Deadline for applications: 5th March 2021

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Done at Kigali, on 16th February, 2021



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