Regional MEAL Manager at Federation Handicap International (HI): (Deadline 10 February 2022)

Regional MEAL Manager at Federation Handicap International (HI): (Deadline 10 February 2022)

Regional MEAL Manager at Federation Handicap International (HI): (Deadline 10 February 2022)


 The Organisation

Handicap International Federation (operating under the name Humanity & Inclusion) is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

HI has recently set up a regional structure encompassing the countries of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with Uganda as the regional hub.  The region is known as the East African Region (EAR). HI is currently recruiting a number of regional positions, including the role of the Regional Monitoring Evaluation Accountability Learning Manager (Regional MEAL Manager). This position is a national position (however other nationalities are eligible to apply), and he/she will be based in HI’s Regional Head Office in Rwanda- Kigali.

The Regional MEAL Manager will develop and lead the MEAL strategy across the region, responsible for the proper implementation of monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning and information management systems in projects in the area(s) to which he/she is assigned.

Under HI’s re-organization principles, the Regional MEAL Manager will also play the role of the Rwanda MEAL Manager and oversee HI Rwanda’s MEAL Department.  Additionally, the Regional MEAL Manager directly manages the Kenya and Uganda Meal Managers and officers.

The Regional MEAL Manager will establish clear ways of working with the Technical and Programmes Departments across the region, and will ensure alignment to the HI MEAL Policies and Standards.

Job summary

PositionRegional MEAL Manager

Responsible toEAR Regional Director

Team Management~10


Reporting to the EAR Regional Director, the Regional MEAL manager’s missions concern all aspects of Regional programme MEAL Department. The MEAL manager is responsible for MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning) and Information Management (IM) and is also the direct line-manager of the MEAL officers, IM officers and all the MEAL and DATA teams working in countries within his/her geographical scope.

In regional programmes where project managers come under the Operations Manager and Country Managers, the overall coherency of projects is ensured by the Regional MEAL manager (PME, project management) and Technical Unit Manager (project quality).

This position calls for regular visits to the field and the affiliated countries.


1. Strategy and steering 

  • Defines and oversees the implementation of MEAL and IM action plans within his/her geographical scope.
  • Is responsible for the implementation of monitoring systems, data collection, information management, evaluation, accountability towards affected populations and the management of knowledge adapted to the context and in compliance with HI standards;
  • Verifies coherency between the systems in place on the different projects and with HI’s frameworks and standards and ensures that these systems are capable of consolidating information for global steering of the programme;
  • Ensures direct and regular linkages with HI Headquarters MEAL Department to ensure relevant quality implementation of HI global strategies and policies within the programme;
  • Steers the performance of his/her service.


2.1. Contributes towards improving HI’s response within his/her geographical scope

  • Helps with the development of operational strategy (StratOp) in line with HI strategy, StaTechs and Development plans (notably 3I and Emergency), including development of the StratOp monitoring tool;
  • Is responsible, within his/her geographical scope, for the implementation of tools for measuring effect and impact and facilitating decision-making, learning and accountability;
  • Is responsible, within his/her geographical scope, for putting in place mechanisms for ensuring accountability towards affected populations;
  • Contributes towards the articulation and application of HI’s institutional policies and cross-cutting approaches.

2.2. Contributes towards defining and improving the quality of projects in line with HI’s global frameworks and technical standards

  • Provides technical support to technical specialists and project teams for establishing quality indicators, monitoring methods and data collection tools;
  • Contributes to the design and drafting of project proposals;
  • Is responsible for ensuring regular project evaluations.

2.3. Contributes towards improving the quality of the management of projects within his/her scope of responsibility, as defined in HI’s Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation policy

  • Provides technical support to the project teams for the implementation of monitoring, evaluation and accountability tools and methods;
  • Provides technical support to the Operational Manager, Country Manager and project managers for the application of PME policy;
  • Provides capacity building to teams when relevant;
  • Oversees the application of PME policy within his/her geographical scope;

 2.4. Contributes towards the ownership of learning frameworks and methodologies by the programmes and by HI in general

  • Is responsible, within his/her geographical scope, for implementing processes and methods for collecting, analysing, modelling and ownership of the knowledge produced;
  • Proposes an analysis of the information collected and the knowledge produced to strengthen collective learning;
  • Ensures the continuous improvement of learning frameworks and methodologies;
  • Ensures access to relevant internal and external information for all staff in countries within his/her scope.

2.5. Facilitates MEAL and IM sector development as proposed by Innovation, Impact & Information Division (3I).


Ensures the external representation and promotion of HI’s expertise

  • Represents HI’s MEAL and IM expertise in all relevant regional networks;
  • Contributes towards advocacy on specific subjects (notably through the consolidation of evidence-based factors) in line with the StratOp and federal advocacy priorities;
  • Contributes locally to communication messages in line with the StratOp and federal communication priorities.
  1. Management

Assumes the role and stance of manager for his/her staff and helps facilitate MEAL and IM sector development

  • Fosters a team spirit and teamwork to develop the necessary synergies between the Programme’s different services. Encourages the exchange of practices within and between services;
  • Recruits and contributes to the development, autonomy and professional well-being of his/her staff: sets individual objectives; ensures that the know-how and motivation of his/her team corresponds to the organisation’s needs; assesses his/her staff’s individual performance; contributes towards their career development.
  • Provides individual and collective recognition
  • Embodies and transmits HI’s values, ensures respect of its code of conduct and institutional policies and is vigilant with regard to expected attitudes and individual and collective behaviours.




Interpersonal skills and attitudes

  • Training: Masters in MEAL, humanitarian aid and/or development and/or international project management, or in any other similar and relevant area
  • HI’s vision, mandate, values and strategy
  • Humanitarian principles
  • Schools of thought and explanatory models of disability
  • International development and humanitarian assistance frameworks
  • Project cycle
  • Knowledge management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Accountability with regard to affected populations /Safeguarding policies /Participatory approach
  • Information management
  • Data protection
  • Mobile data collection
  • Database systems
  • Geographic Information Systems
  •  Fluency in French and English a must, and Proficiency in Kinyarwanda an added advantage.
  • Command of IT tools (including advance-level Excel and Word)
  • Years of experience: Minimum of 10 years experience of coordinating aid and development projects, including at least 5 years in MEAL functions
  • Setting up of MEAL and IM systems
  •  Written and oral institutional communication in French and English
  • Manager 2.0
  • Clear, concise and responsible communication, adapted to the interlocutor (adult or child);
  • Negotiation, management of problems and conflicts
  • Support, motivation of a person or group
  • Drafting of survey and evaluation protocols
  • Strategic definition
  • Performance steering
  • Team leading and mobilisation
  • Training facilitation, capacity-building techniques for use with adults
  • Development of new resources or adaptation of existing resources
  • Individual assessments and steering
  • Leadership: inspiring confidence, motivating, showing the example, taking and assuming decisions
  • Audacious (initiating/enterprising), capable of risk-tasking and developing critical thinking
  • Working as part of a team/network; cooperating
  • Respect for the opinion and enhancement of the skills of others with a view to shared action
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback; discussing with multi-disciplinary teams, working as part of a network and collaborating
  • Empathy
  • Good reaction capacity
  • Organisational skills and rigour
  • Communication skills
  • Pedagogy
  • Ability to analyse and synthesis
  •  Creativity
  • Resilience to stress and uncertainty


Starting Date: 1st March 2022

Length of contract: 3 Year Renewable

Employment terms: HI Rwanda specific employment terms and conditions apply

Gross Salary: To be presented during the recruitment process

Application Process

 Handicap International/Humanity & Inclusion is an Equal Opportunity Employer,

It encourages females and persons with disabilities to apply to become a part of our organization.

 How to apply: Please send an updated CV (3 pages max, including three professional references.) with a cover letter addressed to The HR Department   with subject: EARMEALMAN202201

no later than 10 February 2022. Do not attach certificates.


Only Short-listed Candidates will be contacted.

Any efforts to influence the recruitment process will lead to automatic disqualification.


Terms and Conditions

Please Note: that All Jobs and Opportunities Published on are completely free to apply. A candidate should never pay any fee during the recruitment Process. Even if does its best to avoid any scam job or opportunity offer, a job seeker or an opportunity seeker is 100% responsible of applying at his own risk.
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