Request for Proposal for EPD Office Video- Conferencing Supply,Installation, and Maintenance: ( Deadline: 26 October 2020 )

Request for Proposal for EPD Office Video- Conferencing Supply,Installation, and Maintenance: ( Deadline: 26 October 2020 )

Request for Proposal for EPD Office Video- Conferencing Supply,Installation, and Maintenance: ( Deadline: 26 October 2020 )

As part of EPD’s mandate to achieving universal energy for all and facilitation of private
sector companies in the energy sector through among others, transparent sector information
sharing, awareness campaigns and business facilitation, EPD intends to solicit for a vendor
of video-conferencing services /equipments/ system.
Objectives of this exercise shall include among others;
1. To have a platform that will help to ease the communication between members,
partners and stakeholders.
2. To link potential investors and partners with EPD members.
3. To create an easy medium for information sharing and sharing the best practices
between energy sector players during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are therefore requesting for both technical and financial proposals from a qualified firm
to supply, install, and maintain identified video-conferencing equipment.
TORs for Video-Conferencing supply

The contractor is required to use EPD guidelines to supply,install and maintain the video-
conference within the given timeline.

The video-conferencing system is supposed to:
1. Be extensible; since the needs for collaborative equipment may change and need in
many situations to be extended ( enhance the audio systems; video systems).
2. Be Scalable;the system need to be adapted to rooms of different sizes.
3. Be harmonizable; the system should be on standard in the mode of operation; this
means that a user will have the same user interface, regardless of the room used with
a simplified setup.
4. The system should provide the latest technologies in respect of video and audio
5. Be Compatible to variety of devices used at EPD ( Dell Computers, HP Computers,
Lenovo Computers, and Apple Computers and as well as Smartphones).
6. lifelike HD video quality
7. HD audio quality, support for multiple microphones

8. Interoperable with web conferencing software
9. Interoperable with VoIP services
10. Self-diagnostic & easy troubleshooting
11. Room booking, calendaring and scheduling
12. Scheduled event reminders
13. Event recording to software platform, video service
14. Dynamic responsive video camera (focus on speaker)
15. Multi-monitor (e.g. dual display) support
16. Screen-sharing, support for web conferencing type feature
17. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
The Contractor should:
1. Supply the video-conferencing equipment
2. Perform all the necessary activities related to installation and configuration
3. Warranty for a period of 1 year for the system
4. Implementation support for a period of 3 months.
5. Training of users
6. 12 months free replacement of malfunctioning device
Consultant’s proposal should demonstrate works and activities to be carried out on any or
all of the following tasks and in addition to the below list of technical aspects;
1. Type and quantity of the equipments to be provided
2. Project timelines
3. Financial offer

Tenders must be received by the Authority at the address specified no later or BEFORE,” 26th October,
2020 at 10.00 AM. Proposal must be submitted by email at [email protected]


Chief Executive Officer
Energy Private Developers Association

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