Supply of Beehives to Cooperatives of Bees Keeping in Muganza Sector of Nyaruguru District: (Deadline: 28 January 2021)

Supply of Beehives to Cooperatives of Bees Keeping in Muganza Sector of Nyaruguru District: (Deadline: 28 January 2021)

Supply of Beehives to Cooperatives of Bees Keeping in Muganza Sector of Nyaruguru District: (Deadline: 28 January 2021)




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E-mail: [email protected]

1.  Organizational background

Caritas Gikongoro is a service of Gikongoro Catholic Diocese created in 1993 with the mission to assist the needy (poor, vulnerable, oppressed) through increasing income, improvement of health, socio-charitable works as well as the promotion of a culture of peace. The Vision of Caritas Gikongoro is to have a society where human dignity and the integral development of all people are promoted according to the evangelical values.

To achieve this, Caritas Gikongoro operates through three main departments such as “The social department, Health department, and Development department. Apart from those departments, Caritas Gikongoro collaborates with other diocesan services and commissions such as Economat General Gikongoro, Catholic Schools Representation, and Justice and Peace Commission (CDJP) through different joined interventions.

Gikongoro Diocese covers the districts of Nyamagabe, a big part of Nyaruguru District plus a portion of Nyanza and Huye districts in southern province and Karongi in Western province.

2.  Project Background

In collaboration with Nyaruguru district, Caritas Gikongoro has secured funds from Trocaire to implement the project of Beekeeping for Cooperatives engaged in beekeeping in Muganza sector especially around the Nyungwe Forest through establishment of income-generating beekeeping activities as potential alternative livelihoods opportunity beyond their ordinary subsistence farming. The ultimate desire of the project is to see the poor families in Muganza sector improving their living condition from the additional income gained from the sale of honey.

In this context, Caritas Gikongoro would like to invite eligible bidders to submit their bids for the supply of bee hives of the best quality and productivity as described in the table below:






Longstrock bee hives

Hives  of  47cmx25cm  with




3. Application requirements and process 

Interested candidates should provide a proposal covering the following:

  1. Application letter addressed to the Director of Caritas Gikongoro;
  2. Be licensed to conduct business in Rwanda (RDB Certificate);
  3. Have a documented and verifiable track record (VAT) and invoicing with EBM receipt;
  4. Have the expertise to provide quality service proven by at least three good completion certificates of the similar work/field in production or supply of Longstrock beehives;
  5. Detailed financial proposal including transportation fee rates of the Longstrock beehives in Muganza in Nyaruguru District or other related coasts including taxes;

All submissions must be made in sealed envelope clearly marked “Supply of Longstrock beehives in Muganza sector in Nyaruguru District”. The Outer envelope should clearly indicate the title of tender, bidder name, and his/her email and phone number.

The application should be done online on the email of Caritas Gikongoro:[email protected] or deposited in hard at Caritas Gikongoro Head Office located at Kabacuzi village, Nyamugali Cell in Gasaka Sector, Nyamagabe District not later than the 28th January, 2021, before 4.00 pm. Late application will not be considered. Partial or incomplete application will be rejected. Caritas Gikongoro reserves the right to reject any or all proposal it deems not to be in its best interests.

Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend this session at Caritas Gikongoro head Office on 29th January 2021 at 10.00 am.

 For any clarification in regard to this, send your request to the address email mentioned above.

Done at Nyamagabe, on the 14th January 2021.


 Father Joseph NAYIGIZIKI

Director of Caritas Gikongoro


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