Invitation to Tender for Vocational Training of SOS/BMZ Quality Care Project Beneficiaries: (Deadline 17 April 2021)

Invitation to Tender for Vocational Training of SOS/BMZ Quality Care Project Beneficiaries: (Deadline 17 April 2021)

Invitation to Tender for Vocational Training of SOS/BMZ Quality Care Project Beneficiaries: (Deadline 17 April 2021)



SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda has received a fund from BMZ Germany and Herman Gmeiner Fund (HGFD) to implement a 3.5 year-project whose intervention areas are Kamonyi, Bugesera, and Kicukiro districts. The project target group is 300 families/caregivers and 1,200 children. It started with July 2020 and is expected to close with December 2023.

The project will intervene to solve the problem of many young people who have no access to vocational training due to the school fees, which are not affordable for many families. Young people lack not only vocational training but also entrepreneurial skills, access to micro-credit, and capital for income-generating activities. This causes juvenile delinquency, which additionally affects the stability of families, as well as migration to urban areas Kigali, which aggravates the social problems there.

In this regard, the project has planned in its interventions the training for youth in different fields as a way of promoting employability to the youth and improving family income as well.


The vocational training will be delivered to 60 youths (20 from Kamonyi, 20 from Bugesera, and 20 from Kicukiro); in particular, teenage mothers, underage caregivers and single women (under 50 years of age) will be enabled to earn an income with skilled work and improve the income of their households.

Trades required

 The schools competing must have the following trades: auto-mechanics, construction services, sewing/tailoring, and hairdressing, as a way of promoting opportunities found in their respective districts and sectors.

 Mode of training

In this regard we need professionals in this trade with experience and capacities in Mobile TVET where beneficiaries practice on-job learning as if they were workers. This must strictly be done in accordance with government’s instructions to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Failure to respect and apply the Government restrictions with regard to COVID19 pandemic can cause termination of the contract at the cost of the school.

Duration of the training

Training duration is 7 months (six months of apprenticeship and one month of professional internship).  The training will be conducted from Monday to Friday. The school must have a qualified and experience staff in charge of internship to ensure that it is done in accordance with requirements of the profession and WDA’s instructions.

Requirements for tendering: 

  • Certified copy of accreditation by WDA in auto-mechanics, construction services, sewing/tailoring, and hairdressing, for the year 2020-2021.
  • Registration certificate to RDB/RRA
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) from RRA
  • Proof of payment of tender submission fees (not refundable) equivalent to Thirty thousand Rwanda francs (30,000Rwf) to the account number: 400418314910177 entitled SOS CV Rwanda Trust Account, opened in BPR.
  • The quotation shall show in details the training fees and any other requirement per trainee and the overall cost. The internship fees should also be included in the quotation;
  • Expertise of the school/TVET in the field of training and experience of the instructors/trainers (provide proofs such certificates of trainers, certificates of good completion or contracts with other partners, any relevant document)
  • List of trainers per field, their qualifications, and experience (attach their CVs and certified copies of their certificates);
  • Calendar for the training with details of the lessons which include additional training in soft skills such as language, Entrepreneurship, cooperative management, etc.;
  • The TVET must offer certificates upon training completion recognized by RP/WDA;
  • Ability to start training as soon as possible;
  • Experience in TVET mobile system;
  • Financial proposal

The proposal should be submitted to following address: [email protected]

Interested applicants should send financial and technical proposals including CV to: sos.procu[email protected] by April 17, 2021 at 4:00 pm, local hours.

Please note that any application and relevant documents submitted in hard copy will be rejected.

Done at Kigali, on 30/3/2021

Jean Bosco KWIZERA

National Director

SOS CV Rwanda



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